Women Entrepreneurs Network in Armenia


Armenian Young Women’s Association is a non-governmental organization. We celebrate AYWA Birthday on the 7th of April.

AYWA objectives are:

Since its establishment AYWA has implemented a lot of projects on the way to solve young women’s problems in the Republic of Armenia. Particularly, AYWA implements projects to decrease the level of unemployment within young women (AYWA has established quilting mini-factories, organizes trainings on personal and business skills development); to make cultural life more active in the regions (AYWA has established Youth Theatre-Studio, which provides puppet performances not only to children but also to young people in the regions); to educate young women as responsible citizens of the Republic of Armenia (AYWA implements educational, health, social projects); to keep and develop traditions of an Armenian family.


AYWA volunteers have made scarves (colors: pink, blue, green). Having them you have your investment into the way of young women’s problems solving in the Republic of Armenia.

AYWA has established HayKar quilting group where unemployed young women from Yerevan and Lori region are involved. HayKar group makes different types of products: plate mats, bags, purses, cell/key pockets, pillows etc. Having these unique Products you not only have a small, but a valuable piece from Armenia, which will always be yours, but also you are taking part in women’s and their families’ problems solution in the Republic of Armenia.

For co-operation and questions please contact AYWA office:

Address: 37, Abovyan str., apt. 9, Yerevan, 0009, Republic of Armenia
Tel./Fax: (+37410) 58 07 87

AYWA Bank details for AMD transfers
AYWA Bank details for USD transfers
AYWA Bank details for Euro transfers

On behalf of AYWA staff and beneficiaries we are thanking you for your participation in AYWA projects.

Sincerely yours,
Armenian Young Women’s Association – AYWA
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