Women Entrepreneurs Network in Armenia


"Armenian Young Women's Association" (AYWA) was founded in 2004.

AYWA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization comprised of young people united in their determination to improve the status of women in Armenia, regardless of political affiliation, educational/cultural background, ethnic origin or religious outlook. AYWA's missions to lead social change and to achieve equality of opportunity and reward for all Armenian women, is an integral element in transforming into a just and productive society for all.

The overall goal of organization is to strengthen the role of young women in all aspects of Armenian society.

The activity of “Armenian Young Women’s Association” is particularly directed to young women, and concentrates on their problems both in Yerevan and in the regions of the Republic of Armenia.

Realizing appropriate and joint strategy to solve current problems, AYWA manifests professional approach organizing educational courses, consultations, discussions and different types of events, involving larger audience.

In some projects, AYWA gathers both women and men, thus raising the public awareness on Women issues and building healthy atmosphere between genders.

AYWA works with young women between ages from 13 to 40. According to the Strategic Plan for 2008-2012 the approach for women (girls) from 13-18 and 18-40 ages is different.

AYWA main objectives are:

Young Womens' Leadership Development
  • Young woman leader school and other leadership courses
  • Awards for young women
Business and Personal Skills Development
  • Quilting skills
  • English Language training
  • Business training course
  • Computer training
  • Friday Night Discussion Group for Young Men and Women
  • Womens' Health Issues
Democracy Education
  • Civic Education, Civic awareness raising tours (CART)
  • Electoral seminars
  • Human Rights awareness programs
  • New View Youth newspaper
  • Cultural programmes
  • Initiatives on environmental protection
National and International Youth Exchanges (all youth)
  • National
  • Regional
  • European
  • International
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