Women Entrepreneurs Network in Armenia

Dear girls, women and young people,

Lilit Asatryan
Our country is developing towards establishment of civil society and democracy. It is a challenging goal, and in these arduous conditions the role of women in Armenia as well as anywhere is crucial.

I am sure that each of us is able to make valuable contribution to settlement of the fundamental challenges referring to young women, establishment of civil society for the sake of our people and future generations. Indeed, we should unite our efforts for the realization of these ideas.

Activities implemented by Armenian Young Women’s Association have intention to prove that women have great mission not only in the family, but also in the whole society. Women can and should support and secure the society, its assets and values as they do in their families.

Welcome to the official web site of our organization. I am sure that here each of you will find out events and activities within scope of your interests.

We will appreciate your suggestions and recommendations.

And finally, of course, you are welcome to our office where our doors are always open for you. Welcome and looking forward to mutual cooperation!

Yours faithfully,

Lilit Asatryan, President
Armenian Young Women’s Association